About Us

Joshi Group of companies is in this industry from last 20 years & it has 26 branches across 9 states & 24 cities all over the India. We have adopted the science of understanding and satisfying the customers using Beauty Products. Customer is the focus of our Business. We take customers need as an opportunity to improve our skills.

Joshi group of companies has a Moto to access the customer & proper services provided to the parlor. Till this time period, no other company has been thinking for the growth of the parlor but Joshi group of companies has made an efforts for the proper growth & development of the parlor by creating a company named “Beauty Council of India”.

Joshi Group is a big family of +200 employees at our companies as well as franchise outlets put together. We are tied up with Yellow Pages 18

BCI is one of the leading Distributor of Make-up, Nail, Skin & Hair. We offer specialized professional course in Beauty, Hair, Cosmetology, and Make-up, Spa & Nail.

Our Mission….is your Parlor Promotion all over India through Website, Promotions, Beauty Education & to provide you the Customers. Customer satisfaction & Happiness is our Goal….

“If the Customer increases then the Parlor will develop & if the Parlor develops then the Beauty Industry will increase”.

“BELIEVE” In What You Trust,
“TRUST” In What You Believe.